Website support maintenance plans

We’ve worked with the department for several years so we know updating your DECD school or preschool website can be difficult and time consuming.

Save yourself valuable time

Our team has a solution to help make keeping your website up-to-date easy and straight forward, saving you time to utilise on other tasks and responsibilities.

Make updates fast

Our team has already been granted remote access to your websites from DECD, so we can start making changes and updates to your website on the same business day that you are reading this.

To learn how, see our plans and follow our simple registration process below:

choose your plan

Planning & Reporting documents

'Text' based content change requests

Policy/parent documents

Newsletter/program uploads

Photo uploads

Initial setup costs

Basic Support

Recommended for DECD preschools (SA)


per year

Unlimited uploads

2 changes per year
(up to 30 mins each)

8 uploads per year

Not included - but you can use your 8 uploads quota above to request to upload a newsletter  

Not included - but you can use your 8 uploads quota above to upload a photo/image

$90 admin fee
(or FREE when you bundle with a Revamp Package)

Regular Support

Recommended for DECD primary schools (SA)


per year

Unlimited uploads

4 changes per year

(up to 30 mins each)

Unlimited uploads

Up to 20 uploads per year

Up to 12 images per year



Recommended for all school sizes (Australia-wide)


per year

Unlimited uploads

Unlimited changes

Unlimited uploads

Unlimited uploads

Up to 36 images per year
+ 1 free photoshoot per year within our zone.


The process

It’s really easy to get started!

  1. Select – Choose a plan that suits you. If you need help, give Michael a call and he can help recommend a plan for your site.
  2. Register – Click the blue ‘sign up’ button below and complete the simple online form (3 – 5 minutes).
  3. Payment – We will write up an invoice for the initial payment and email it to you within a few hours.
  4. Request – Once processed, we will give you access to our client panel – which has a quick and easy online form for you to submit any policies, reports, newsletters, photos, and content changes that you want added to your website.
  5. Done! – Your requests will be sent straight to our support team and you can leave the rest to us. We say that we’ll update your website within 48 hours to be safe, but usually we’ll complete your request on the same business day.

It’s that simple.